Home & School Communication

Good communication between school and home is essential in helping students to learn effectively. How people communicate with each other has changed significantly over the past few years. In order to reflect some of these changes and promote effective communication

I’ve organized several “channels” you can use to stay in touch with what’s happening your child’s classroom.

  • This classroom blog
  • Class Facebook page
  • Class on Twitter account (@MrCampbell2)
  • Your child’s agenda
  • Here’s my e-mail address (Andrew.Campbell@Granderie.ca)
  • Updates via text message (Using an automatic text message service called Remind 101 which allows me to text out updates while keeping numbers confidential. To register for the service parents should text “@grade45” to (581) 333-0255. )
  • By phone

On the first day of school students will receive a form asking you to indicate your preferred methods of communication (if you didn’t receive it you can print off your own copy here Please return it promptly so we can start the year off on the same page. Thanks.

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