Cross Country Team Update

Jordynne wrote this about her day at the Cross Country meet. Well done to all the runners 🙂

The Bear's Den

On October 16th a number of us from Major Ballachey traveled to Brant Park for the Cross Country Championships. There were lots and lots of kids from a lot of different schools, 698 participants in fact.

It was a pretty nice day for running even though some divisions did encounter some rain. I was lucky enough to run under the sun before the course got a little soggy and wet.

I came in 8th place out of 158 junior girls. I even got a baby blue ribbon! The teachers and my mom were amazed at how well I did! My nana and grandma were there to watch me run too. They were cheering for me and I was happy for myself. I did really AWESOME! After I ran, I was really hurting but I was so excited about what I did that I decided that night to join…

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